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Meet our team

Our executive leadership team offers up more than impressive resumes. They have the skills, drive and passion for helping our customers thrive.

Chad Severson, Chief Executive Officer

Chad Severson
Chief Executive Officer

Joe Coughlin, Chief Financial Officer

Joe Coughlin
Chief Financial Officer

Phil Kelaart - Chief Operating Officer

Phil Kelaart
Chief Operating Officer

David Kemp, Chief Commercial Officer

David Kemp
Chief Commercial Officer

Lynne Odegaard, Vice President, Global Human Resources

Lynne Odegaard
Vice President, Global Human Resources

Saeb Asamarai, Vice President, Engineering

Saeb Asamarai
Vice President, Engineering

Mike Phelps, General Counsel

Mike Phelps
Vice President and General Counsel

Amy Newton, Vice President, Marketing

Amy Newton
Vice President, Marketing

Shady Taha, VP, Information Technology

Shady Taha
Vice President, Information Technology

Paul Zuidema, Managing Director, EMEA

Paul Zuidema
Managing Director, EMEA

Cathi Dimond Vergin, Senior Director, Corporate Strategy

Cathi Vergin
Senior Director, Corporate Strategy